How Much Does a Dell Laptop Weigh?

How Much Does a Dell Laptop Weigh?


This is not a frequently asked question or even not a very emphasized one, but some people consider this factor too when purchasing a laptop. Why do people feel the aspect of weight in purchasing? Some people want a portable device with an optimum range of weight, which they can carry easily to their offices, schools, and universities.

So today’s topic is all about how much a Dell laptop weighs. So basically, it doesn’t have a concrete answer or any specific fixed because there are a lot of versions of Dell, and they consider differently, but we can categorize them into three categories, which are

The heavies ones ( which are the gaming laptops)

Portable ones with optimum weight ( for office use), or you can say casual laptops

Notebook laptops ( the lightest versions)

So these are the three categories in which you can divide them and know how much they weigh. Commonly, a Dell company weigh between 3 and 4 pounds, but there are a lot of versions that don’t weigh much, and some of them are very heavy. To know the weight, you should check the individual information of all arrangements. I will mention later in this guide which version weighs lighter.



A simple and easy experiment you can perform is when you buy a laptop and are satisfied with everything, and the last point of weight is remaining; you can check its weight by picking it up and comparing it to other versions. In this way, you can decide which one you should buy. But here comes a problem: Dell has a lot of interpretations. How many will you weigh?

So it’s better to research the weight of all the versions you are considering to make it easier for you when you are at a shop.

Here Is a list of laptops with their weights

Dell Latitude 7280 2.8lbs

Dell XPS 13 3lbs

Dell Latitude 3000 3.9lbs

Dell laptop XPS 13 9360 2.78lbs

Dell Inspiration 11 (3000) 2.5lbs

Dell Chromebook 3180 2.8lbs

Dell Latitude 7390 2.7lbs

Dell Latitude 7390 2 in 1 3.15lbs

Dell Latitude 5280 3.3lbs

Dell Inspiration 13 7000 2 in 1 3.4lbs

Dell Inspiration 13 5000 2 in 1 3.4lbs

Dell Latitude 7212 rugged extreme tablet ranges from 2.5 pounds in tablet form to 3.5 pounds with a second battery induced. And almost 5 pounds if a keyboard is attached with a second battery and a stand.


Here Is a precise list of laptops from which you can know the range of weights in which Dell laptops are available. If someone asks in which range the Dell laptops are in the case of importance, then I can answer they are available in 2 categories. The first one is hefty laptops, which are very easy to carry and suitable for a student, teacher, or employee to take to their workplace. The manufacturers of these laptops are given instructions that mobility should be considered, and they try to make it as light as possible.

The second category Is that when laptops are made by focusing on the customer’s needs, they not only see the weight factor but also consider that it should be quick in the system; all its parts should be advanced. It should be in a range of weight which can carry for a person quickly.

Suppose you have noticed that gaming laptops are always the heaviest in the weight matter but are excellent in all other options. A gaming laptop, Dell weighs almost 6-6.5 pounds, which is only possible for a person to carry for a short time.

In contrast, we see tablets and notebooks. They are lightest in weight, but they lack some of the functions. If you want your laptop to weaken, you must undermine it and sacrifice one thing.



As we notice, lightweight laptops are very casual and easy to carry and contain almost every function present in other laptops except some of the tasks that are not basic. This means they are designed by considering everyday use needs and need more processes than everyday use needs and need the process that people of specific Fields rarely use.

For example, the latest tablets or light laptops may not have DVD devices. The reason is that nowadays, online streaming is on top trend. People love to use Netflix, cloud storage, etc.; that’s why they have omitted this factor, as this has a better replacement, but still, some demand DVD devices. So, there are types of minor compromises you have to make while you are using a heavy laptop.


If we talk about The ideal weight of a laptop is three or four pounds, but they vary in weight. Dell Inspiration Dell Inspiration 9360 and 9370 are the best and hot seller laptops famous for their lightweight and excellent working.

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