When Is the Best Time to Unlock the Keyboard on Dell Laptop?


Mainly, people need to learn about what a laptop keyboard lock is. It’s also an in-built function, but most of the time, it happens due to different reasons. Many people deliberately lock the keyboard for some reason that they don’t want any unwanted key to be pressed during any video play or any live call. Still, some of the keyboards don’t work and do any function without any instruction of being locked. This situation is called a laptop keyboard lock.

This keyboard lock happens when dust particles and drops of water or anything happens. Most of the time, some liquid gets spilled on the keyboard, and we wipe it off from the surface. Still, it enters and resides in the space between the buttons, and after some time, it affects the function of the buttons or even the whole keyboard. These are the reasons that cause the keyboard lock.

Now, we are here to find the solution to this problem, especially how we can unlock a keyboard in Dell laptops. There is a simple way to open your computer. Still, most of the time, that simple trick doesn’t work because the reason for the lock cannot be only dirt or dust, but it can be any hardware or software issue, too.

I will share some ways you can unlock your locked keyboard in Dell laptops, and it will help you a lot to solve these issues. The locks can be due to some dirt or due to some power issue, hardware driver issues, or any software update issue. So you should know every possible way to deal with this kind of problem.


Function key lock has a straightforward solution, and most keyboards are locked due to the fn key. You need to follow one step.

Press the function key.

Then press the Esc key at the same time.

The keyboard lock issue will be re

Solved. If the problem is still here, then you have to follow other guidelines.



Dell Support Assist is a system that helps you to find out where the problem resides in the keyboard. For this, you have to follow some of the steps to be sure what the issue is.

Click on the Dell support assist app

Then select the troubleshooting tablet. There will be lots of problems, but you have to select the first one. Which is “ I want to check the hardware. “ I am also giving a picture reference so that it will be easy for you to understand. After selecting this option, there will again appear a list in which you have to choose the keyboard.

After selecting this, the Dell support assistant will tell you the problem, and now you have to identify whether you can solve it by yourself or you have to take it to the Dell center for further help.


Most of the time, it happens that a number of keys on the laptop’s keyboard stop working. This is because of the numb key lock issue. And sometimes, it happens that they are doing functions rather than their functions. Their operations become different from what they are meant to do. This issue can be resolved quickly, too.

Select the menu and then enter the settings

Select the EASE OF ACCESS  option

Now press the KEYBOARD option and turn on   the ON SCREEN KEYBOARD option

Most of the time, there is no numb lock key option on the ON SCREEN KEYBOARD. Then, you can select options and press “turn on numeric keypad.” Now, an excellent safety will appear on the screen keyboard, and you can push it and unlock your keyboard



Suppose you are facing the issue of a keyboard lock. In that case, it can also be temporary because of any glitch in shutting down, and maybe your device hasn’t processed entirely in this situation; rebooting your laptop is the best solution, but you have to shut it down in a different way because we need to drain out all the residing power inside. So for this select the menu. Power off your laptop and wait until it is shut down completely.

The Next step is to remove the battery.

After taking out the battery, press the power button of the laptop to drain out every bit of energy or power. In case your laptop is heated much, then let it come to the Normal temperature first. Now, again, start your laptop, and your issue will be resolved. In case your laptop is still not working, then it can be any hardware or drive issue.


Sometimes, pending updates cause so many issues that we get panicky about the situation; that’s why it is necessary to keep doing all the updates simultaneously.

If you are using drivers for external keyboards, then uninstall them by clicking on device manager, selecting keyboards, and then deleting every driver for external keyboards. The last solution Is you have to update the BIOS, and most issues are resolved.

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