When Should I Turn on the Brightness of Dell Laptop?


Here, I’m going to guide you through every possible way that you can turn on your brightness on the laptop. Everyone is familiar with mobile working, and we are pros at dealing with mobile. Turn on Brightness on mobile is just a prevalent thing. Still, in contrast to mobile, if we bother a laptop, it has entirely different settings, and Brightness can be very stressful for someone who doesn’t know how to set it or turn on.

You people must be thinking why just a topic of Brightness is highlighted so much. We learned its importance when we were stuck in the same situation. Brightness settings issues can cause a lot of stress. Because of high Brightness, you might face headaches or eye aches, and you cannot work long on a laptop. Even deficient intelligence can make you feel blind when you don’t see what is happening on the display. So, keeping the importance of intelligence in mind, I’m here with complete guidelines on how to solve these issues, so let’s reveal the ways.



In Dell laptops, there are two ways of setting or turn on the level of Brightness: one is a direct method, or you can say shortcut, and the other one is a system setting, so let’s discuss them. The ways are Built-in hotkeys Turn on through window settings. You can use any method, and every way has benefits and difficulties.

Let’s discuss the BUILT IN HOTKEYS.

Built-in hotkeys are the direct method of turn on Brightness. You can set the desired light level by pressing the brightness of the intelligence increase or decrease button. But now there arises the question of where these hotkeys are. So, hotkeys are present in the first or function key line, mainly in Dell laptops or even commonly all laptops. They are buttons with a sun on them, indicating Brightness. There will be two buttons, one with more and one with fewer rays. The more rays button will show an increased brightness, and the fewer rays will show a decreased brightness button. Some laptops can have arrows pointing up and down, indicating an increase or decrease in Brightness.

Here are some difficulties you might face when finding the button. Every model of Dell is different. Your model may have some other keys for Brightness, and they can even be in the second, third, or last row. So, first of all, you should be completely aware of your laptop model to avoid this issue.


You need to select the function key (fn) present in the top line, and at the same time, you have to press the brightness button. Then, keep pressing the keys until the desired brightness is not achieved. When your wanted level is reached, leave the buttons. One more thing is that this function may vary with your model. In advanced or latest models, keys work by just simply pressing them. So again, you should be aware of your laptop or read your manual guide.



Sometimes, your brightness keys don’t work correctly, so you should know every possible method of turn on light. So this is the second method of turn on the Brightness this; you have to click on the window start button and click right. Now, the menu will appear in front of you, and then select the settings option in the menu. When you open settings, and then click on the SYSTEM button. Then click on the left sidebar and select the display option. When you open the display option, you must scroll down to find the brightness settings option. There will be an option “brightness Color.


Sometimes, it happens that hotkeys don’t work. Most of the time, there are glitches in the working of Windows, and that’s why keys stop working. The first solution is to restart your laptop or shut it down temporarily. It will give time to windows to complete the remaining tasks. When you open the computer, the keys will work properly.

If keys don’t work even after restarting, then you must have some pending drivers that you have to obtain. Then, do the Dell website and obtain all the necessary drivers. If the issue is not resolved after doing this, you must contact Dell customer service for help.


You must obtain third-party software from the Dell website, which automatically deals with intelligence according to your needs or environment. Sometimes, this obtained version causes issues because some of them carry viruses with them. If third-party software is not responding, there must be some pending update, so update or reinstall the software.

While working with laptops, ensure you have complete knowledge of your model; if you need them, we are here to guide you. So, the brightness issues are resolved now. If you face any case, you can get help from these guidelines.

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